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Website Re-Design: Life Rediscovered

Wix Website Redesign for Life Rediscovered

Life Rediscovered, a Massachusetts-based learning center and community hub for homeschoolers and their families, wanted to update their website to be more playful, engaging and user-friendly. One of their main goals was to have the website set up in a way that would be easy to manage for both the owner and staff.

This website features:

  • Event Registration - The owner can easily add both free and paid events that users can register. Automated emails confirm registration and send reminders before the event.

  • Wix Blog - The blog features posts pertaining to their company as well as to the homeschool community. This also helps them create content they can re-purpose for social media as well as drives traffic back to the website, increasing their Google search rankings.

  • Email Subscriptions - A form in the website footer allows users to "subscribe" to receive email updates and newsletters from Life Rediscovered.

  • Automated Emails - When users requested information on a specific location, automated emails will send the handbook right away, eliminating any wait time.

  • A "Freebie" Download (a.k.a. a Lead Magnet) - Users can download the Life Rediscovered "New to Homeschool" eBook as a valuable resource in exchange for subscribing to the email list. This allows the owner to capture email addresses of potential clients and provides them content in exchange.

  • Wix Pricing Plans - Users can pay a monthly fee to subscribe for access to a comprehensive map that is embedded into the website allowing users to view homeschool co-ops, pods and other resources throughout Massachusetts. Both current parents and paying users can access this information.

  • Wix Bookings - The owner of Life Rediscovered offers one hour consultations for fellow education entrepreneurs to help you get started on your journey. Using bookings allows her to manage her calendar and automatically collect payment and schedule the Zoom session.

  • Contact Form - Users can fill out the contact form to ask questions or share general information.

  • Wix Stores - A store is set up to allow people to purchase custom merchandise. On the backend, we've connected with a print-on-demand company so the business owner doesn't have to manually create, package or ship orders!

  • Donation Form - A donation form is set up to allow users to enter the amount they wish to donate. The payment is automatically processed and the user will receive a confirmation email.

  • Parent Portals - Portals have been set up for each of the three locations. Within the portal, parents can view images, news updates, download forms and contact their teacher directly. All of the proper settings are in place so the owner can easily grant a parent access to their specific portal. Teachers have access to be able to easily upload galleries right from their smartphone. When parents fill out the form to contact the teacher, it gets sent to the teacher directly as well as the owner.

Wix Website Redesign for Life Rediscovered
A quick look at the "Parent Portal" for parents only.

This screen recording below shows exactly how easy it will be for teachers to upload new galleries to the parent portal! All they have to do is open up the Content Manager (CMS) from either their smartphone or computer and choose their location. From there - they would enter the date and the gallery in a new row, and that's all! No saving or publishing - the gallery will automatically be featured within the parent portal. No website editing experience is necessary to be able to update their galleries!

View Before & After images of this website redesign:

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Please note, all clients are 100% owners of their website and have the right to revise / update or remove their websites at any time. Although I do my best to show actual depictions of my work, if a client has made changes on their own, the published website may not reflect my design capabilities and may result in revisions that I did not make and/or recommend.

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