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Speaker / Entrepreneur - Wix Website Design for Small Businesses

Your website is your most important digital asset. 

We offer the perfect solution for small businesses, brands, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs, delivered on the highly customizable Wix platform.

Is it time for a truly professional, fully custom website of your own?

You’re in the perfect place! We build fantastically functional and gorgeous websites for people, products, programs, and everything in between, using Wix. Whether you’re looking to expand your web presence, increase your search result rankings, set up an e-commerce shop for digital or physical products, take online bookings, sell event tickets, or anything else really, we can help you get there. You ready?

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Stephanie Mayne mockup - Wix Website Design for Small Businesses

With us + Wix, the possibilities are endless.

Black Marble - Wix Website Design for Small Businesses

Some of Our Designs


Web design is not a one-size-fits-all kinda deal.  Therefore, each website we create is individually quoted based on the design requirements and overall scope of the project. If you would like a ballpark estimate, please refer to the pricing below.

starting at $1,500

Includes 10 hours of custom website design and development, plus full mobile optimization, basic SEO optimization, and indexing with Google. The Standard package does not include implementation of any advanced apps or features.

starting at $2,250

Includes 12 hours of custom website design and development, full mobile optimization and basic SEO optimization, and indexing with Google. The Advanced package includes the implementation of advanced apps and features.

starting at $2,650

Includes 14 hours of custom website design and development, full mobile and SEO optimization, indexing with Google, an e-commerce store set-up (all backend settings and assistance with Wix Payments), an e-commerce customer log-in portal and up to 10 products (with an additional fee for 11+).

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to begin any website project. You are responsible for purchasing a Wix website hosting plan. Hosting plan costs are determined by Wix and could change without notice.  If your website requires the ability to accept payments or you need an advanced app,  a Business plan would be required.

Maintenance Plans

The best part? We can stick around to make sure your website stays in top notch shape.

It’s not uncommon to feel totally uncertain, and maybe even a little overwhelmed, about what to do after your new website is published. Don't worry! We've got fantastic maintenance options designed to help you with ongoing updates, ever-changing SEO needs, mobile functionality preservation; adding and updating new content, events, blog posts, or anything you need really.  So next time you say, “Oh I’ll have my web designer take a look at that,” you’ll know with confidence that you have a reliable web designer ready and waiting to “take a look at that.”

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