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New Website Design: DEVOUT - the PRADA project

Updated: May 19, 2022

This website was developed for Nitzan, a Manhattan based Interior Designer, known for high-end, calm interiors and a coordinating warm-modern furniture collection. This was a personal project from many years ago, that Nitzan wanted to capture in a web experience.

For one entire year, Nitzan dressed head-to-toe, exclusively in PRADA: coats, sweaters, shirts, pants, shoes, sneakers, accessories, t-shirts, socks and underwear. Nitzan turned this into an art installation featuring 365 full-length photographs, and this website was able to showcase his display. Read more in the forward by Jennifer Dalton here.

Being a designer, Nitzan was very particular about every single aspect of this website - from the colors, font style, sizing and spacing, scroll effects, menu layout, etc. Nitzan did not want the website to scroll, as most modern sites do, so this required a bit of coding to achieve a stagnant framed page. Each menu featured a different element of the art installation, and concludes with a "guestbook" that users can sign.

This website will be updated as we receive new press articles, guestbook entries or donations.

Please note, all clients are 100% owners of their website and have the right to revise / update or remove their websites at any time. Although I do my best to show actual depictions of my work, if a client has made changes on their own, the published website may not reflect my design capabilities and may result in revisions that I did not make and/or recommend.

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