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Working at Outdoor Cafe - Wix Website Design for Small Businesses

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No more getting tripped up or sidelined by tech glitches or minor site updates. Our membership program will take it from here.

Never worry about website upkeep or maintenance again.

Once we’ve completed your new website build, or updated an old one, it’s time to think about maintenance and upkeep as a very real next step to avoid random headaches and interferences in your website’s functionality and quality. We'll keep a site backup, snag bugs, maintain basic SEO and more -- all while you relax and enjoy your morning coffee.

What is site maintenance?

Avoid glitches. Like with any web hosting platform, Wix will often release editor and backend updates in order to keep the website’s compatibility functioning properly on both desktop and mobile devices. This can sometimes cause elements of the website to appear out of place or stop functioning in the way that they should. With our membership service you’ll never have to worry about an opt-in form failing, links breaking, or images going funky. We sweep for bugs on a regular basis and will have any issues fixed before you possibly even notice there was one!

Depending on the plan you choose, you can count on us for other maintenance services including basic SEO and analytic reporting, design hours and mobile maintenance, unlimited email support and priority requests.

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What's Included?

Options vary by plan.

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Why Join?

Our goal is to help make growing your business, and serving your own clients and customers, as easy as possible—without the worry that your website is doing everything it needs to be doing in order to keep you ranking high and functioning fully.


Let us take care of maintaining your beautiful website so you can take care of building your business and serving your customers. We’ll take care of the technical stuff—we’ve got you and will support you all the way.


See some things you like and interested in building your own plan? We can talk about that too! Contact us today to get started.

Messy Work Desk - Wix Website Design for Small Businesses

What will we actually be doing behind the scenes?

Chances are, unless you're a web designer or developer, you really don't know what "site maintenance" really means. Here's a straight to the point list of all of the geeky, yet necessary things we'll be taking care of for you:

Desktop & Mobile Functionality Maintenance
  • Maintaining your site design and functionality at all times.  Sometimes, Wix will release a new Editor version, app update, site tool or API that will cause some things to appear out of place or not work as they should. We constantly crawl sites to ensure there's no disruption. 

  • Whenever Wix implements a new version of an app or an element (such as the Blog, Wix Bookings, your site menu, an Instagram connection, or hundreds of other features), we'll go in and make sure you have the most up-to-date version possible to ensure your site speed, functionality or design doesn't suffer.

  • Regularly monitoring your mobile site to ensure it's meeting Google standards and maintains usability. 

SEO Upkeep
  • ​Researching and monitoring what keywords your customers are using to find your website, and updating your backend keywords to ensure consistency, along with providing blog and content topics related to these keywords.

  • Consistently running website speed tests and page load metrics to ensure you're always in top shape.

  • Updating any new blog posts that you create (max 4 per month) and new store products that you add (max 8 per month) to ensure all of the on-page and backend search settings, keywords and descriptions are fully optimized.

  • Manually reviewing your XML Sitemap & Robots.txt files, as well as coverage & enhancements in Google Search Console and identifying any issues.

  • Resolving any broken links & 404s page errors.

  • Tracking backlinks and identifying new opportunities.

  • Availability via email for any questions SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google My Business related questions.

Design Hours
  • Updating your website whenever needed. Updates can include (but are not limited to):​

    • Adding new events​

    • Updating your bookings calendar

    • Adding new blog posts (does not include content writing)

    • Adding new store products

    • Minor design, text or photos updates (does not include a full redesign)

    • Adding new press articles

    • Updating services information

    • New portfolio images

    • Designing and sending out an email newsletter (content not included)

  • Need more design time than your plan allows for? You'll get discounted rates on additional hours. Redesign, custom coding, or new site development is not included in the membership plan.


Choose the plan that works for you.  Looking for something more basic? Click the "Join Now" button below to view all plans.

Standard Maintenance
  • Site backup on secure server with monthly refresh

  • Regular site functionality maintenance on both desktop & mobile

  • Email support

  • 30 minutes of design work per month (about 3 small tasks)

  • Discounted Design Hours (off of current design rate, subject to change)

Advanced Maintenance
  • Everything included in Standard Maintenance Plan

  • One hour of design time per month (more information in the "Design Hours" section above)

  • Priority requests

  • Monthly traffic report

  • Discounted Design Hours (off of current design rate, subject to change)

starting at $699
  • Site backup on secure server

  • Desktop & Mobile Maintenance

  • Everything in the "SEO Upkeep" section above

  • Monthly traffic report

  • Keyword research report

  • 4 Recommended Blog / Content Topic Ideas

  • Discounted Design Hours (off of current design rate, subject to change)

Do you need a customized package? Contact us and we can set one up for you so you're only paying for what exactly what you need.

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