No more getting tripped up or sidelined by tech glitches or minor site updates. We'll take it from here.

Never worry about website upkeep or maintenance again.

Once we’ve completed your new website build, or updated an old one, it’s time to think about maintenance and upkeep as a very real next step to avoid random headaches and interferences in your website’s functionality and quality.

We will snag those bugs. Like with any web hosting platform, Wix will often release editor and backend updates in order to keep the website’s compatibility functioning properly on both desktop and mobile devices. This can sometimes cause elements of the website to appear out of place or stop functioning in the way that they should. With our membership service you’ll never have to worry about an opt-in form failing, links breaking, or images going funky. We sweep for bugs on a regular basis, for all of the websites that are part of our membership program, and will have any issues fixed before you possibly even notice there was one!

We will maintain your SEO optimization. In order to maintain relevance and ranking on Google and other search engines, your website needs to be optimized at all times. All of our membership options include SEO maintenance because it’s that important. This service means that we will research your keywords through Google Search Console and keep up to date with your metatags to ensure they’re aligning properly. For example, once you’ve posted a new blog we will go in and update the SEO on the blog so you don’t have to worry about it! Similarly, when you add any new products or services to your site, we’ll update the SEO on those products as well.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can count on us for other maintenance services including monthly traffic reports, design and mobile maintenance, and live site chat and form request monitoring and response. 

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What's Included?

Options vary by plan

  • SEO Upkeep

    Regularly monitoring and updating your on-page and backend SEO.

  • Web Design Maintenance

    Ensuring all elements of your site are functioning properly and working at all times.

  • Mobile Site Maintenance

    Ensuring your mobile website is properly functioning and working at all times.

  • Wix Inbox Monitoring

    Keeping tabs on and responding to your Wix site chats and form requests.

  • Monthly Traffic Report

    Delivering a customized data and website traffic report to you each month.

  • Design Hours

    Completing as-needed website update requests. Tasks vary by plan selected.

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Why join?

Our goal is to help make growing your business, and serving your own clients and customers, as easy as possible—without the worry that your website is doing everything it needs to be doing in order to keep you ranking high and functioning fully.


Let us take care of maintaining your beautiful website so you can take care of building your business and serving your customers. We’ll take care of the technical stuff—we’ve got you and will support you all the way.


See some things you like and interested in building your own plan? We can talk about that too! Contact us today to get started.

Membership Options


$109 / month

Includes SEO, mobile and desktop maintenance and one hour of design time per month.


$189 / month

Includes SEO, mobile and desktop maintenance, a monthly site traffic report and two hours of design time per month.


$369 / month

Includes SEO, mobile and desktop maintenance, a monthly site traffic report, Wix inbox monitoring, priority design requests, e-mail support and four hours of design time per month.

Purchase Design Time

If you're not ready for a membership plan, but would like to update your website, you may purchase time blocks.  Not sure how much time is required? Contact us for an estimate.

One Hour


Includes one hour of done-for-you design or maintenance work. Time does not expire.

Five Hours


Includes five hours of done-for-you design or maintenance work. Time does not expire.

Ten Hours


Includes ten hours of done-for-you design or maintenance work. Time does not expire.

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