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New Website Design: Principles of Medical Education

Updated: May 19, 2022

I had the pleasure of building a website for Principles of Medical Education: Maximizing your Teaching Skills, a livestream course administered by Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Carl J. Shapiro Institute for Education and Research.

This website features:

  • Course information - Sections where potential participants can get a sense of what the course offers, what accreditation they will receive and what previous participants had to say about the course.

  • Faculty bios - Participants can learn about the faculty members who will be teaching the livestream courses.

  • Blog - Short blog posts will recap each day of the workshop, provide insights and other information pertaining to each sessions.

  • Resources - Each page features a side bar with quick navigation resources, the BIDMC Twitter feed, information on upcoming courses, and contact information.

  • Private participant section (see video below) - There is a password protected section for participants that includes a daily schedule with resources for each session, including the class slides, bibliography, worksheets and the video replay once it has completed. The schedule element was created using multi-state boxes and Velo, allowing users to click though with the impression of switching tabs. This section also includes quick access to the livestream link, faculty contact information, a list of participants, and a video library from their workshop sessions. Users who added-on to attend Friday workshops will have access to another page with resources to those sessions.

Video shows the password protected participant section.

Once this course is complete, this website will be updated with new information for the Fall session.

Please note, all clients are 100% owners of their website and have the right to revise / update or remove their websites at any time. Although I do my best to show actual depictions of my work, if a client has made changes on their own, the published website may not reflect my design capabilities and may result in revisions that I did not make and/or recommend.

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