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11 Cool Wix Features You Might Not Know About

11 Cool Wix Features You Might Not Know About

We're somewhat biased, but we think Wix is truly the best website design platform for small business owners. It's packed with incredible features that can help you effortlessly create and manage your website. While many of its core features are well-known, there are some hidden gems that you might not be aware of. Check out these 11 cool Wix features that can take your website and online presence to the next level.

1. Create Your Own Logo with Wix Logo Maker:

You don't need to hire a designer or purchase expensive logo design software. Wix Logo Maker lets you create a professional-looking logo for your brand with its intuitive design tools and a vast library of templates... for FREE! Check out the Wix Logo Maker here.

2. The Wix App Market:

Expand your website's functionality by exploring the Wix App Market. Here, you'll find a wide range of native and third party apps and integrations to enhance your website's capabilities, from e-commerce to marketing tools. View the Wix App Market here.

3. Wix SEO Assistant:

Improve your website's search engine visibility with the Wix SEO Assistant. This feature guides you through optimizing your site's content, meta tags, and more to boost your ranking on search engines like Google. Learn more about the Wix SEO Assistant here.

4. Wix Analytics and Reporting:

Gain valuable insights into your website's performance with Wix Analytics. Track visitor behavior, page views, and other crucial metrics to make informed decisions about your site's content and design. Learn more about Wix Analytics here.

5. Wix Social Media Scheduling:

Did you know you can schedule all of your social media content directly through your Wix Dashboard? Save time and streamline your social media efforts by using Wix's social media scheduling feature. Plan and schedule posts across various platforms from the Wix dashboard. Learn more here.

6. Wix Video Maker:

Make custom videos to promote your business and drive traffic with the Wix Video Maker - a free online tool that is powered by Vimeo. Learn more here.

7. Wix Email Automations:

Stay connected with your audience through email marketing. Wix allows you to automate email campaigns, segment your subscribers, and track the performance of your emails. Learn more about email automations here.

8. The Wix Owners App and Wix Spaces App:

Manage your website and business on the go with the Wix Owners App. And if you need a virtual workspace for collaboration or somewhere for your clients to easily interact with your website, Wix Spaces App offers a seamless solution. Learn more about the Owners app here and the Spaces app here.

9. Wix Invoicing and Pay Links:

If you offer services that require payment, Wix's invoicing and Pay Links feature simplifies the billing process. Send professional invoices and easily accept payments online. Learn how to create an invoice here and learn about Pay Links here.

10. Wix Photo Studio:

Enhance your website's visual appeal with Wix's Photo Studio, which allows you to edit images directly on your site. You can remove backgrounds, apply filters and more. Learn more here.

11. Hopp by Wix - Link in Bio:

With the Hopp Link in Bio feature, create a single, clickable link for your social media profiles to promote your website effectively. Learn more here.

These 11 features are just a glimpse of all Wix has to offer! Whether you're just starting out and want to establish your online presence, or you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a refresh, Wix's versatile tools can help you build and manage your website with ease. Explore these hidden gems and feel free to book a free project consultation should you need any assistance!

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11 Cool Wix Features You Might Not Know About

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