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Maintenance Plans

The details on what's included.

Want more specifics on what we'll actually be doing behind the scenes? Read on.

Chances are, unless you're a web designer or developer, you really don't know what "site maintenance" really means. Here's a straight to the point list of all of the geeky, yet necessary things we'll be taking care of for you:

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SEO Upkeep

Researching and monitoring what keywords your customers are using to find your website, and updating your backend keywords to ensure consistency.

Optimizing and maintaining your Google My Business page by adding new photos, responding to reviews, adding weekly posts and more.

Updating new blog posts (max 4 per month) and new store products (max 8 per month) to ensure all of the on-page and backend search settings, keywords and descriptions are fully optimized.

Consistently running website speed tests and ensuring you're always using the latest tools that Wix has to offer.

Providing a monthly traffic report so you can easily see and analyze the traffic that is coming to your site (for Gold and Platinum members).

Availability via email for any questions SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google My Business related questions.

Desktop and Mobile Design & Functionality Maintenance

Maintaining your site design and functionality at all times.  Sometimes, Wix will release a new Editor version, app update, site tool or API that will cause some things to appear out of place or not work as they should. We constantly crawl sites to ensure there's no disruption. 

Whenever Wix implements a new version of an app or an element (such as the Blog, Wix Bookings, your site menu, an Instagram connection, or hundreds of other features), we'll go in and make sure you have the most up-to-date version possible to ensure your site speed, functionality or design doesn't suffer.

Regularly monitoring your mobile site to ensure it's meeting Google standards and maintains usability. 

Video Training Library (coming soon)

Get access to an ever-growing library of Wix video trainings to learn how to do 

Request personalize trainings to be created to add to the library

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Design Hours (varies by plan)

Consistently updating your site wherever you need! Updates can include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding new events

  • Updating your bookings calendar

  • Writing and adding new blog posts

  • Minor design, text or photo updates

  • Adding new press articles or updating services information

  • Adding new portfolio images

  • Adding or optimizing new store products

  • Creating an e-mail newsletter

Need more design time than your membership plan allows? You'll get discounted rates on extra time.  Please note that site re-designs or any site development is not included in the membership plan.