Meet Allison Fraser,


Allison has a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs develop a strong digital presence through their website, content and social media pages by creating a strategy that's right for their business. She works to determine the best course of action for seeing the most return on investment. Whether you want her to fully take over your account, or help you structure your efforts to be able to do it on your own, she will provide everything necessary to ensure success.

Allison graduated from Boston College and went on to work in a corporate setting managing social media for two Fortune 500 companies.  After 12 years, she didn't feel as though she was being challenged and utilizing her skills as best as she could. With no plan set in place, Allison took the leap and ventured off on her own.  


In 2016, Prototype Media Group was born with the goal of helping as many small business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of the skills and expertise that Allison has spent over a decade developing.

By working with Allison, you'll soon realize that social media and digital marketing doesn't have to be such a daunting, time-consuming task that sits at the bottom of your ever-changing "to-do" list.

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