Our Digital Brand Audit will allow you to discover strengths and weaknesses and understand your place in the market. We'll review your brand messaging, brand identity, brand designs and brand maintenance and provide you with a full report.  In addition to suggested action items, we'll give you 10% off if you decide to move forward with our Platinum Branding Package.

Your brand messaging, including core values and mission

Web search rankings

Defining your target customer / audience

Social engagement & digital interactions

Brand consistency; colors, typography, icons, patterns

Design consistency; website, logos, graphics, banners

Content marketing

Events / interactions / opportunities to connect

How you rank next to competitors

Differentiating features

Claimed & unclaimed profiles

Customer reviews

Get My Digital Brand Audit

Our Digital Brand Audit will be complete with deliverable action items that you can take to improve your score. Please note, this is simply a report of how Prototype Media Group assesses your brand online and does not include any updates or work delivered to improve your score. This is based on our experience in the digital space and is not evaluated against any other tool or platform. You will receive your brand audit no later than 7 business days after placing your order.


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